Are you an Influencer? Here’s how you can earn from Amazon Influencer Program

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This COVID pandemic has put the whole world to a stop, everyone’s panicked, the economy is grumbling down, job losses, and whatnot. And during these difficult times, I have seen that many of my known friends and families are trying to earn money online through many sorts of online MLM networking scheme. Many of which have turned out to be a scam. And in the process of trying to earn money during these difficult times, they ended up losing money.

But hey, not everything on the internet is a scam and there are many genuine ways to earn money online. Affiliate marketing is one where one can earn genuinely. But before you sign up for any affiliate program, the first and most important thing to do is to check the company/website and check its trustworthiness.

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Amazon Influencer program is one where one can earn affiliate commissions. If you’re hot on social media and have a fan following your accounts, you should definitely want to check out this program.

Let’s take a look at how it works!

How the Amazon Influencer Program Works

It’s pretty simple – Create your storefront, recommend products to your followers, and when your followers buy the product from your links, you get rewards.

To join Amazon’s Influencer Program, you need to have any of the following social media accounts. Choose the one which has the most follower (but also see the number of days it takes to get approved)

Amazon Infliuencer 2

There’s no guarantee you’ll get into the program. Amazon will check the number of your followers and other criteria.

Some of the criteria to meet to get into the program are:

  • Have a large following. There’s no set-in-stone number, as Amazon says it’s looking for influencers that range across a spectrum of tiers and categories.
  • Engagement with your fans. Again, there are no hard-and-fast numbers, but rather that Amazon wants to see you have a noticeable presence and that you make it a commitment.
  • High standard contents. Amazon’s looking for influencers who post quality material, and not just trolling comments to get a reaction out of people.

If you don’t qualify right away, you can reapply later in the future when you fulfill the eligibility

How does the Amazon Influencer Program work?

The Amazon Influencer Program allows you to get your own page on Amazon with an exclusive vanity URL to showcase the products you recommend to your followers. Promote your URL, make it easier for your followers to shop your recommendations and earn money on qualifying purchases while doing it!

Who qualifies for this program

Influencers across any category can participate in this program. Currently you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account to qualify. Amazon will look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence.

How is this different from Amazon Associates?

The Amazon Influencer Program is an extension to the existing online Associates program for social media influencers. With the Influencer Program, you get your own page on Amazon with a URL to showcase the products you recommend to your followers. This gives you an additional way to direct traffic to Amazon, which is especially useful where hyperlinking isn’t possible (e.g. Instagram captions or video content.)

How do get started with Amazon Influencer Program?

Click on ‘Get Started’ to check if you’re eligible. If you don’t qualify right away, we encourage you to come back in the future as the eligibility requirements may change over time. Once you’ve qualified you can start curating your page right away!

So if you are an influencer with heavy followers, sign up for Amazon Influencer Program right away!

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Happy Earning!

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