Instagram may soon let you pay for a blue tick verification

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Have you ever wished you could get a blue tick next to your name on Instagram? Well, you may soon have a chance to do so—if you are willing to pay for it.

A developer named Alessandro Paluzzi has reportedly discovered some clues in Instagram’s source code that suggest the app is working on a paid verification feature. This feature would allow users to apply for a blue tick verification by paying a certain amount of money.

A blue tick verification is a symbol that indicates that an account belongs to an authentic public figure, celebrity, brand or organization. It helps users distinguish between real and fake accounts and avoid scams and impersonations.

Currently, Instagram offers blue tick verification for free, but only to accounts that meet certain criteria such as being notable, authentic, unique and complete. Users can request verification through the app settings, but there is no guarantee that they will get approved.

According to Paluzzi’s screenshots, Instagram may be planning to introduce a new option called “Paid Verification” in the app settings. This option would show users how much they need to pay for verification and what benefits they would get from it.

Paluzzi also found some strings of text in the code that hint at what those benefits could be. For example:

  • “Your account will be verified faster”
  • “You’ll have access to exclusive features”
  • “You’ll get more exposure on Explore and Reels”

It is not clear how much Instagram would charge for paid verification or when it would launch this feature. It is also possible that this feature is just an experiment and may never see the light of day.

However, if Instagram does go ahead with paid verification, it would follow in the footsteps of Twitter, which recently launched its own paid subscription service called Twitter Blue. Twitter Blue allows users to pay Rs 900 per month for access to premium features such as undo tweet, bookmark folders and reader mode.

Instagram has not officially commented on Paluzzi’s findings yet. However, the app has been adding more features and tools for creators and influencers lately. For example:

  • It launched Reels Ads, which let creators monetize their short videos
  • It introduced Collab posts and stories, which let creators collaborate with other accounts
  • It added Live Rooms with audio options, which let creators host live audio chats with up to three guests

What do you think of paid verification on Instagram? Would you pay for a blue tick? Do you think it would make your account more credible or attractive? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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