TechMorung Pick#1: – A platform for music lovers

Launched on 4th September 2020, this platform is the newest craze for the Northeast Music lovers. brings you the best music from Northeast India.

What’s cool about this platform is that, unlike the usual music streaming platforms, NEMusic has the more traditional approach. Their homepage is a clean and simple page unlike any common music streaming websites.

NEMusic 1

They have a Weekly Recommendations page, handpicked by them. And also a dedicated Featured Artist page where a brief info about the featured artist along with their music is highlighted.

But the main feature that stands out is their Visual Radio!
You got to check it out!


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About TechMorung Pick:
We handpick Website, App, Instagram Page/Store, Video from the Northeast so as to promote them. Watch out for more TechMorung Picks.



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