Have you seen this PMCares.fund browser game?

A good friend of mine told me about this new browser game pmcares.fund and I had to check it right away.

It’s a naughtily genius game based on the popular Chrome’s no internet dinosaur game. Several years ago, Google had added a game where you can play on Chrome if your internet is down. If your internet is down and you tried to visit a web page using chrome, you’d see the message “Unable to connect to the Internet”  or “No internet” with a little pixelated dinosaur next to it.

no internet game

Many, at first, thought it was just an icon, more like the ‘404 page not found’. However, the moment you hit the space-bar, the little pixelated dinosaur sprung to life and started running, jumping over obstacles that’s on its way. And the moment you are unable to jump over and hit the obstacles, its GAME OVER.

PMCaresfund 1

PMCares Browser Game

Coming back to our pmcares.fund, the game is of the similar concept. The homepage shows the following notifications.

Unable to display PM CARES fund details

PM CARES fund details could not be displayed because the Government won’t allow you to see it                ERR_HIDDEN_BY_GOVERNMENT

Once you tap or hit the spacebar, you find a man (instead of the dinaosaur) trying to run over obstacles like Media, Law, Corona Virus etc.

PMCares Games

However, unlike the ‘no internet dinosaur game’, here if you are unable to jump over the obstacles and hit it, it will not show GAME OVER. It will rather display the following depending on which obstacles you hit.

Supreme Court Gives a Free Pass.
Please continue


Media has no question to ask.
Please continue

Head over to pmcares.fund to check it out. Let us know what you think of this game!



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