TechMorung Pick#4: Tabernacle App – The Future of Church Technology

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Tabernacle App, Nagaland’s first SaaS (Software as a Service) technology company provides Integrated Cloud-based Software and Mobile Apps for Churches & Ministries to become future-ready through an all-in-one digital solution. 

The COVID pandemic had greatly impacted the normal functioning of the church and changed the way we worship. The Covid-19 Pandemic has also shown how Churches need to be equipped with technology to stay connected with their members. It has indeed accelerated the digital transformation of churches, necessitating a cultural shift to a digital-first strategy to connect and engage with their congregations through various mediums.

Considering the need for a dedicated technology platform for the Churches, Atoba Longkumer and Vituonuo Suohu created the Tabernacle Church Management Platform, to empower Church Leaders with powerful technology tools to better serve and manage their Churches anytime, anywhere.

Tabernacle App Founders
Tabernacle App Founders

Features of Tabernacle Platform

With Tabernacle, every Church or Ministry can digitize all their admin workflows, reduce paperwork, automate processes like member management, tithes collection and create an inspiring and spiritual experience for their congregation. 

tabernacle app

Congregation Management

  • Add, store & organize member data. 
  • A searchable member directory with filter options gives easy access to contact information and member profiles.
Tabernacle App Events

Church Events

  • Create and schedule events with details and notify members through app notifications.
  • Set alerts for upcoming events.
  • Handle event registrations with ease. 
Tabernacle app Features

Prayer Request Management

  • Manage prayer requests with ease. 
  • The prayer wall allows for the community to post prayer requests and pray for each other. 
  • Receive individual prayer requests and pray for them.
Tabernacle App Bulletin

Church Bulletin 

  • Share important announcements on the Bulletin wall. 
  • Keep your congregation up-to-date on the latest happenings of the Church.

Manage Tithes & Donations

Tabernacle App Tithes
  • Send receipts to your members after collecting their tithes or donations online and maintain records digitally. 
  • Allow for online payment of tithes and donations. 

Mobile app for your congregation 

Tabernacle App Congregation

Member app allows for the congregation to connect to their church using a unique code to find useful information about the church, stay up-to-date with the latest happenings, pay tithes/ donations online and maintain statements. 

The Tabernacle team is continually developing new features and tools to help Churches with their day-to-day Operations. 

Sounds right for your Church? Visit Taberacle App website for more details.

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