Twitter Introduces Revenue-Sharing Program for Content Creators

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk has made a game-changing announcement today, revealing that the platform will now share ad revenue with its content creators for ads appearing in their reply threads. This is a significant step forward in rewarding and incentivizing the platform’s content creators.

To be eligible for this new revenue-sharing program, the account must have a Twitter Blue Verified subscription. This means that only verified accounts with a proven track record of quality content and engagement will be able to take part in this new initiative.

Elon also mentioned that Twitter’s legacy Blue Verified program is facing issues, as it is “deeply corrupted.” He stated that this program will sunset in a few months, causing a wave of concern among Twitter users about the fate of their legacy Blue Verified accounts.

This announcement is sure to have a major impact on how content creators use Twitter and how they will be compensated for their hard work. Twitter hopes to reward its top contributors and encourage them to create even more high-quality content. Keep a close eye on this story for more updates.

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