’s Multimodal Chat Search Sets Sights on Google and Microsoft

Tech Morung is a new chat-based search engine that has been recently launched and is challenging the dominance of Google and Microsoft in the search market. This innovative search tool claims to make finding information quicker, simpler, and more effective than ever before by integrating multiple modes of communication into one single platform.

The key feature of’s multimodal chat search technology is its ability to combine speech recognition with natural language understanding (NLU). By using NLU algorithms, can comprehend what users are saying or typing and give them relevant results based on their queries without requiring them to type out long words or sentences like they would have to do with other conventional methods. Moreover, it also uses machine learning methods to learn from user interactions over time and enhance its accuracy as well as offer customized suggestions based on each user’s previous searches and preferences if they want to.

Although it remains to be seen whether will gain widespread popularity among the general public, given the existing competition in the market, the new approach is promising, particularly given the convenience factor of online searches. It’s worth noting that other research methods, such as library visits, may not always be feasible depending on various factors like location availability. Only time will tell whether can successfully compete with the established players in the market, so we must be patient and wait to find out.

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