4 Best Managed Ghost Hosting Alternatives to Ghost Pro

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Ghost blogging CMS is among the best alternative to WordPress for starting your blog site. Because of its simplicity and fast loading, Ghost is chosen by many to power their blogs. With Ghost Version 3.0, one can now start membership-based sites.

Ghost is an open-source script and one can download and install it on one’s server free of Ghost. But for many non-technical people, installing Ghost isn’t as easy as installing WordPress. One needs some technical knowhow to install and set up Ghost site.

For the noobies, one can go for managed Ghost hosting. The advantage of managed Ghost hosting is that the headaches of installation, updates and management of Ghost is done by the service provider. You can just concentrate on your contents and marketing.

Ghost also provides Ghost as PAAS. You can get Ghost Pro starting at 26$/month if paid annually. However Ghost Pro pricing are on the higher side as compared to other managed Ghost Hosting provider. It also caps the number of staffs, the number of members and the pageviews per month.

So what are the other managed hosting options?

Sadly there is not much in the market which offers managed Ghost Hosting.

Here are the best managed hosting available in the market.

1. DigitalPress Managed Ghost Hosting


This is the only managed ghost hosting which provide free hosting. The free plan includes variety of themes and design layouts to show your style. Customize blog with your own cover pictures, embed videos, tweets, music clips and share joy with your readers. Free plan comes with ads.

We have personally used this service and find it totally awesome. Their other plans are also very much affordable as compared to Ghost Pro.

DigitalPress is our favorite. The plans are just perfect and their support is awesome! Highly recommended!

digitalpress plans

2. GetMidnight Managed Ghost Hosting


Like the concept of Ghost, DigitalPress also keep their plans & pricing as simple as possible. They have only one fully featured plan at 15$ per month.

On sign up your Ghost blog will be created automatically and you will recieve an email with how to login. Their hosted Ghost blog plan is billed monthly (with no contract) and can be cancelled at any time.

3. Themeix Managed Ghost Hosting

Themeix Managed Ghost Hosting

Themeix provides the best value for money Managed Ghost Hosting available in the market right now. Not only are they into Ghost Hosting, but they also develope beautiful Ghost themes.

Here are some of the features why you should consider Themeix for your Ghost site…. well apart from the most affordable pricing out there in the market.

Themeix also provides managed WordPress Hosting and also WordPress Themes.

4. FirePress Managed Ghost Hosting


All plans in FirePress include

  • ☁️ A fully managed hosting solution for Ghost.
  • 🌇 The option to add a custom homepage page in front of your Ghost installation.
  • 🧑 Unlimited staff users (see team section).
  • 🍿 Unlimited visits & traffic bandwidth
  • 📷 Upload up to 500 pictures /month. (This is only to prevent abuse. Just don’t try to start the next Instagram over here.)
  • 👩‍🎨 Many pre-installed themes (you can add your themes as well).
  • ⚡️ Blazing fast performances & CDN cachingpowered by CloudFlare.
  • 🔐 Automatic SSL (https).
  • DDoS attack mitigation.
  • 🔄 Automatic weekly updates.
  • 💾 Automatic daily backup. Backups are encrypted and transferred outside our servers cluster (cold storage). We back up your database every four hours and we back up your whole Ghost installation (pictures, themes, database) every 24 hours.
  • 🔥 Threat & uptime management with an SLA of 99.999%. This represents 26 sec per month or 5m15 per year of potential downtime. See our uptime status dashboard.
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