Microsoft Launches AI-Powered Image and Storytelling Features for Bing and Edge

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Microsoft today announced the launch of new visual search features for Bing and Microsoft Edge that use advanced AI to generate custom images, provide graphical knowledge presentations and deliver engaging story-like experiences.

Powered by technology developed by OpenAI, Bing Image Creator allows users to describe the picture they would like to see and have the service generate a custom image. Users can refine images by providing additional context such as location or activity as well as selecting an art style. The feature launches today for Bing preview users and will roll out to all Bing users in the coming months. Bing Image Creator will also be integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser, making it the first browser with an integrated AI-powered image generator.

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“The way people search is rapidly evolving, with growing demand for more visual and immersive experiences,” said Tarun Bansal, senior program manager of Microsoft Search. β€œThese new AI-powered features are designed to spark creativity and deliver more useful and engaging ways to explore the web.”

To provide users with quick glances of key information, Bing is updating its Knowledge Cards feature to include interactive elements such as charts, timelines, stories and more. And to satisfy users’ appetites for visual storytelling formats, Bing is introducing AI-generated Stories featuring relevant images and short videos. The updated Knowledge Cards and Stories are available for all Bing users starting today.

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Microsoft developed these new AI-powered features in alignment with the company’s AI principles to ensure they are developed and deployed responsibly. For Bing Image Creator, Microsoft applied safeguards from its partner OpenAI and incorporated additional protections to help prevent the generation of harmful or unsafe images. The company also clearly indicates AI-generated images and continues to work closely with OpenAI to strengthen protections.

“We believe the responsible development of AI is critical,” Bansal said. “That’s why we are advancing AI capabilities like these in a careful, iterative way, testing in preview and incorporating feedback and learnings along the way.”

Those interested in trying the new visual features can sign up for the Bing preview or access Bing Image Creator for all Bing users at Bing Image Creator in Microsoft Edge will be available in the coming months.

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