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Nothing, the new brand founded by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has announced the global launch of their new earbud Northing Ear 1. In India, the earbud will be available on Flipkart starting August 17 priced at Rs 5,999/

Nothing’s Ear 1 earbud comes with a clean and minimalistic design tucked in a transparent body exposing the cool engineering inside them, including microphones, magnets, and circuit boards. The design is unlike any other earbuds available in the market.

Features and Specifications

The Nothing Ear 1 earbuds are claimed to last up to 34 hours of playtime with the case and are equipped with an 11.6mm dynamic driver that is claimed to offer balanced bass, mid and treble performance.

Weighing in at just 4.7g, the ultra-light earbud comes with a powerful 11.6mm speaker driver, active noise cancellation, and claims to last up to 34 hours of listening.

Nothing Ear 1

The unique transparent veneers of the ear (1) helps expose the craftsmanship underneath, and reveal the raw beauty of Nothing’s technology.

Nothing ear (1) uses Clear Voice Technology and three high-definition mics to make sure you come through sounding like you. As you speak, advanced algorithms reference a million voice and sound combinations (even winds up to 40 km/h) to isolate and amplify your voice for remarkable accuracy.

With Ear(1)’s active noise cancellation, the earbud captures and cancels unwanted background noise. This works great when you are traveling on airplanes or at the office.

The earbud features a composite mesh design for improved sweat and water resistance with an IPX4 rating.

Ear (1) also features gesture control. Pause music or video automatically by removing an earbud. When you’re ready to play, just pop it back in.

And with the Ear (1) app, which is available for both Android and iOS, one can easily customize equalizers, gestures, and also find the earbud when misplaced.


The earbuds weigh 4.7 grams each and measure 28.9 X 21.5 X 23.5. While the case measures 58.6 X 58.6 X 23.7 and weighs 57.4 grams. Each earbud packs a 31mAh battery, while the case has a 570mAh unit. They’re said to last up to 24 hours on a single charge with ANC enabled and up to 34 hours with ANC disabled. Nothing says that a 10-minute earphone charging can last up to 1.2 hours with ANC off and 50 minutes with ANC on. Similarly, a 10 min case charging can last up to 8 hours with ANC off and 6 hours with ANC on. The Nothing Ear 1 also supports Qi wireless charging.

Watch out for Ear (1) from Nothing on 17th August 2021 only on Flipkart.

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