RankMath releases Pro and Business version

RankMath, the most loved WordPress SEO plugin has finally released the Pro and Business version priced at $59 per year (ex VAT) and $199 per year (ex VAT) respectively. This is an exclusive launch offer and the price will be back to normal price at $129 and $429 for the Pro and Business version.

Here are the features of RankMath Pro and Business

RankMath Pro

For those who don’t know, Rank Math SEO is considered the Swiss army knife of SEO tools for your WordPress website. It comes with everything you need for taking full control of your on-page SEO. Rank Math combines the power of multiple plugins you might be using on your WordPress website for SEO and brings everything into one easy-to-manage plugin that is also light-weight.

Their free version is even better than most of the paid SEO plugins in the market. And now with the PRO version released at a very affordable pricing, RankMath is no doubt the number 1 WordPress SEO plugin

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